Author: suyangloveart

Su Yang

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My research is to combine my academic studies on feminism with my art practice. For the graduate thesis solo show, my paintings are about the women who are pre or undergoing the cosmetic surgeries, or in the recovery period of the surgeries. Cosmetic surgery is a kind of new theme for painting. And cosmetic surgery has been discussed by feminists and is related to the philosophy of body. The painting about this theme can be a kind of innovation.

I paint oil paintings and traditional egg tempers. By oil, I like to paint in expressionist ways, bright colors and bold strokes. But meanwhile, I paint the details in realist ways to show the real scene of cosmetic surgeries. So there is as much reality as there is expression in my art. Additionally, for tempera works, I use the traditional process instead of using materials in stores. It is a challenge to combine the tradition technique with contemporary theme. Oil paintings and tempera works both show the desensitized nature of reconstruction surgery, and the subsequent trauma and suffering of the body. The oil paintings are around 70 by 70 inch, and the tempera works are 12 by 12 inch.

I painted the scenes from medical books in the past. But right now, I make up myself like a woman in cosmetic surgeries according to my interest and the need of the light, composition of paintings and the visual effects. This is better than the medical records or shooting the photos of the real scenes which might not suit to paint or to express by paintings.