Author: hkurdyla

Heather Kurdyla

Taking the same approach to my previous work, I will be similarly recreating domestic spaces for my thesis show. The piece will consist of three 1950’s style living room installations.   All materials for the installation are being collected and curated to fabricate an authentic representation of the 1950s aesthetic.  Additionally, I will be constructing narratives in each room to disrupt and disturb the idealized space. By utilizing an era romanticized by American culture, the work questions society’s ideals both historically and contemporarily. I aim to create an engaging and unsettling installation while creating a discourse on issues of gender, class, and race.

a fly in the ointment–  something that spoils a good situation

*Because the piece will not be completed until I get into the space, I included a photo of my previous work to get an idea of what the installation will look like and of my studio that is now a furniture warehouse.

livingroom01 livingroom02 livingroom03