Augustina Droze

My current body of studio work illustrates my use of meditation as a coping mechanism for stress and the rhythmic trance-like effect that repeated imagery has on the mind. I have focused on the theme of reproduction, influenced heavily by my recent experience of pregnancy and birth and my reliance on mediation as a survival coping mechanism to work through the various layers of anxiety that accompanied it. Using organic subjects such as fish, birds, cells, plants and insects in groupings I investigate the theme of regeneration and the obsession at the macro and micro levels. The rhythmic quality of the identical items causes the viewer to become lost in the compulsive arrangement and transported to a transient state, similar to the destination I turned to in desperation through the process of childbirth. Different species are used as metaphors for phases of the reproductive cycle: birds signifying trophy and transcendence, fish represent sacrifice, and insects illustrate anxiety and ephemerality. The imagery is arranged in various groupings of multiples, each composition speaking to the emotive quality of the organic object. The items are rendered at varying levels of realism, from realistic paintings to childish stuffed animal representations. The tedious craftsmanship involved in the multiplication of the objects is in itself a coping strategy as I continue to battle through the challenges of childbirth and motherhood.


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